August 16, 2016

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  • Today was Whitman's first day of school so all of the morning activities centered around getting him and Keaton to school on time (and getting to potty all he could before leaving the house.)  We were successful on all fronts-everyone had breakfast, dressed and brushed their teeth in plenty of time and Whitman even pottied a few times before Robby loaded them up and headed to school.
  • Whitman took Keaton's lead and walked into the building just fine.  He even stood in front of his class and took his picture and he even went in...and then he came out.  After he came out 3 times, Ms. Jennifer picked him up and Robby headed quickly out the door.  Before Robby could even get to work, Jennifer had text saying that all was well.
  • Back home, we started on school but I was too distracted to notice what really went on here-I was too busy praying for Whitman to go potty and praying for Ms. Jennifer's patience!  Seriously, though things went so much better here today and the main reason for that was that the kids had finished their hardest subject last night while Robby was here.  Just having math finished caused everyone to finish school at least 30 minutes earlier than usual.
  • We were working together on our history and science when I got another text from Jennifer.  Whitman had an accident and in his defense, he was headed quickly to the potty and it was a messy number 2.  Poor guy-maybe it was just nerves!  Jennifer didn't seemed to phased and when I asked her if he was obeying some, she said "Yes. We are working on it.  He is doing great for the first day."  I will certainly take that!
  • Now, of course, my Keaton was right next door.  She was doing her best to keep an eye out for her brother and had seen him briefly on the inside playground.  She told us that he tried to leave with her class and she hopes he doesn't do that all the time.  Keaton loves her classmates and loves her teacher so she will have a great year.
  • Grannymom picked up my school kids today.  They had their lunch and then headed to Rock Creek.  She said that they played as hard as they could all afternoon.  When Robby drove them home, he had to keep talking so Whitman wouldn't fall asleep.
  • At home, we had our lunch and then didn'd do anything as fun as go to Rock Creek but we did organize the other half of the toys in the girls' room, do our regular chores and the boys had to try on blue jeans for me.  Thrilling afternoon!
  • It did become more thrilling for the kids when they saw the neighbor kids out and soon all of my people were out the door.  They played outside until after Robby and the littles came home.  He grilled hamburgers while I heated up corn and the kids showered and soon we were all eating our supper.  
  • The kids then did Thursday's math (we are going to keep doing a tiny bit of school at night as long as it helps us.) Then everyone but Whitman headed upstairs to play the wii and my W headed to bed.  School makes a little guy tired!

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