August 15, 2016

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  • First day of school today for Keaton so we were all up and moving early this morning.  Keaton had already picked out her clothes last night and I do believe that she was so excited about school today that she could hardly eat our doughnut.
  • Whitman was also leaving this morning to spend the morning at Nonna and Pops' house.  That way, Nonna would still get in her Whitman time (probably even a bit too much) and then could pick up Keaton for me while we happily and quickly did school here.
  • Well, that was the plan-there wasn't a whole lot of happy or quick going on here.  But we all did survive-barely.  The boys wasted their opportunity to not be distracted and to get their work done quickly.  Of course, this effected Campbell who did finish at a decent time.  Since she was done and had no one to play with, she quickly became bored and a distraction.
  • Around 11, we did our work together.  It was a bit easier today without Keaton and Whitman but I still missed my little 2.  (Even though I missed them, I stil am hoping that Whitman doesn't get kicked out of school.)  
  • We had our lunch and everyone worked some more on their school work.  Then we quickly did our chores before getting into the car.  As we were heading out, I did give everyone a piece of ice for them to hold so they could remember the Ice Age that we talked about todfay during history.  Of course that caused a bit of excitement as everyone was loading up.
  • When we arrived at Nonna's house, Keaton and Whitman were both sound asleep in the floor in front of the tv.  I guess they had both had a hard day and needed a short nap from all their play.  They quickly woke up wiht all of us there and were happy to show us the cookies that they had made with Nonna earlier in the day.
  • We then headed to see Beebee.  She was in a good mood and her candy bucket was full.  We talked a bit and then she gave me some money so I could go and buy all of the kids an icee.  That wasn't exactly what I had planned on doing next but off we went to get icees for the kids.  My people were very excited about this little treat and most were pretty much finished with their drink by the time that we made it home.
  • Once at home, the kids watched a bit of tv while I made supper.  We had tortillini and the kids ate it up-probably because they were anxious to finish supper so they could finish off Nonna's leftover birthday cake.  Everyone did a school box for tomorrow and they all finished while Robby and I both helped Reagan with her math-it takes both of us now to help!
  • Then it was shower time followed by some time on the Wii.  The Wii has been out of commision for a bit but tonight Robby hooked it all back up.  We all enjoyed playing a few racing games before bedtime tonight.  

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