August 21, 2016

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  • In the middle of the night, I wope up to Campbell standing over me.  She said that she had a bad dream and that her stomach hurt.  As soon as she finished saying that, she leaned down and paused. I now think she was about to start crawling into my bed but last night, I was for sure that she was about to hurl on me.  I jumped up and immediatley cupped my hands to catch whatever was coming (I certainly don't know why I did that).  None of that was needed though because she just looked down at my hands like I was a crazy lady.
  • When we had gone to bed last night, she told me that her stomach hurt and after a few hours of jumping on a trampoline and not a whole lot of decent stuff to eat, I can certainly imagine that it did hurt a bit.  Now in the middle of the night, I am pretty sure that her stomach only hurt because she had a bad dream and thought that would be the best excuse to get to stay in our bedroom last night. It workd for her because within seconds of walking into my room, she was sound asleep on the floor.
  • This was was the second week of our new Sunday school classes and we again made it on time to stop by all of the grands and even see our sweet little ladies that used to sit behind us. Then off to classes we went-Whitman didn't mind walking into his class.  Our class was full again today-21 kiddos. 
  • After church, we stopped by and looked at the church's shower trailer which is headed to Louisianna in the morning and I even ran back into the building to buy some tshirts for the kids from yesterday's Run with the Son which we missed.  Then it was on to Grannymom's house.
  • She had lunch ready for us when we arrived.  Everyone ate and then the kids played for a bit and the boys had to try on a pair of pants for Grannymom to hem them.  They were none to pleased about this.  Then Dana offered to take a few to the pool so everyone but Whitman loaded up and headed to the pool.  They were going to find bathing suits at Dana's house for everyoen but Whitman couldn't go without his (life) jacket.
  • It didn't take too long for him to figure out where they were going and he was adament that he wanted to go as well.  Robby and I ran to Walmart with him and then once we made it home, Robby changed and Whitman found his jacket and they were out the door.  Robby stayed with the kids for another hour and then they ran an errand to Bass Pro looking for an ice chest.
  • Back at home, I was working as fast as I could trying to accomplish as much as I could for our quickly approaching trip.  I made a few dents in things and once they all arrived back home, we fed them supper and I started to work with Keaton while packing her clothes.
  • Alicia stopped by for a few minutes and then when she left the Wilsons' came over for our Sunday night ice cream.  We taked for a bit while the kids played but all too soon it was time for all of our babies to get in the bed so they left and we started to shower and pick up.  
  • While Robby herded everyone downstairs, I ran back upstairs with Keaton so we could finish packing (2 down, 4 to go).  Then it was bedtime for all my Dennies and after a day of church, swimming and then friends over they were pretty tired.

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