August 6, 2016

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  • The girls did go to sleep pretty shortly after their movie ended last night which was around 1.  They must have slept well because I didn't stir until I heard footsteps above my head.  I got up and then realized that Robby had gone to pick up breakfast.  I peeked upstairs and saw that Whitman was still snoozing so I let him be.
  • Before Robby got back, Reagan asked where Robby was.  I told her that he was getting breakfast and she said "oh, he doesn't have to go to work?"  She didn't even know that it was Saturday or more frightening, she thought that Robby worked on Saturday.  Soon Robby was back and we all ate doughnuts and orange juice.
  • I do believe that Whitman was happy to see Kaleigh and Alyssa Kate when he woke up.  During breakfast, those girls and Reagan gathered around him and helped him count his doughnut holes.  He would count and then they would eat one and he would have to count again.  Then they would give him two more and he would again count those.  At least my baby will be able to count to 10 for Ms. Jennifer this year-that may be the only C (for complete) that he gets on his report card.
  • The girls went upstairs to play on the xbox while Robby went out to mow (and even had to finish in the rain) and I worked on school for Monday.  After he came in a dried off, we went to the attic upstairs and started rearranging things.
  • Grannymom and Grandpa came over this morning to work on hanging Reagan's shelf above her bed.  It looks really good but now we need to buy 5 more of those shelves and hang them.  Anderson came home with them and he could have stayed away all day I do believe but once he was here he did enjoy playing with Reagan and her friends.  
  • Soon Kaleigh and Alyssa Kate's moms and sisters came to pick them up.  Candice also brought home my Keaton and Campbell.  They had eaten doughnuts this morning and even done a bit of shopping.  
  • We straightened the house for a bit and then had a pretty relaxing afternoon.  I had a bit of a nap-well, Campbell slept on my shoulder and I had to eventually get up because she was squishing me!  
  • Around 4:30, Nonna, Pops and Jason brought Graham home.  I believe that he was trying to get two nights at Pops' house.  He was working hard at staying as long as he could but seemed find when he arrived.  
  • This evening, we all went up to the bonus room and ended up straightening our messy lego nook which led to moving an additional bookshelf into the nook which led moving everything on the bookshelf to one spot which meant we had to move the things that were there someplace else.  Why do we even bother!  Cleaning and straightening is a bunch of hard work!
  • And apparently we didn't count all of the kids when we were upstairs.  I realized that I hadn't seen or heard Whitman in a while and I knew that there wasn't a Mickey playing on any device currently, so I scooted on down the stairs to see what trouble he had gotten into.  It only took about 4 steps down the stairs when I saw that every single tile in my mud room had been colored with markers.  Lovely!  Thankfully the artwork was confined to just the tiles which was easy for the boy to clean up but gracious me!
  • When we had finished all of this, Robby loaded up the kids and headed to pick up supper-chinese for some and pizza for others.  Chinese is of course my favorite but it was all of the kids first choice except for Graham who picked Robby's pizza.  But Graham did have some chicken and a few of us even had some pizza after we had eaten the chinese.  After cleaning up the kitchen, Robby and I both agreed that this was the best way to eat out!
  • The kids then had showers and we watched a bit of ninja warrior before finally putting everyone to bed.  Whitman is still doing great in his big boy bed which greatly surprises us every single night!

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