Epic Road Trip (Day 8: August 31, 2016)

National Baseball Hall of Fame
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Our last night in the train was a good night.  We all slept well and the kids were compliant this morning as we loaded up and left a bit earlier than we have any other of our trip mornings.  After I had pulled out the kids clothes for this morning and loaded the car last night, Robby kidded with me asked if anyone had any ‘baseball’ clothes. I just glared at him and said that if they did they would be in the car but this morning when I started to pass out clothes, I noticed that Anderson’s shirt did in fact say ‘baseball’ on the front.  

As we were loading up to leave, Whitman asked me as sweetly as he could if we could play on the playground. Unfortunately, we just didn’t have time.  He was fine with that though since I was passing out breakfast-sausage biscuit, pop tart or fruit loops.  The kids ate quietly as we zoomed on down the road.

While they were eating, I was working on finishing off my cinnamon raisin bread from yesterday.  Robby was a bit bitter that I didn’t come back to the car with more than cinnamon raisin bread.  I was really looking for bread for sandwiches for today but he had his eye on the sign out front that said “world famous sticky buns.” However, there were no sticky buns in that store.  

Back to today, we made it about 2 hours before we stopped for a restroom break.  The weather was already looking cooler and the mountains that we were driving through were just beautiful.  The kids did their school work and then I passed out presents from Grannymom.  I just passed them all out and the kids, on their own, took turns opening and showing each other what they had received.  

I held my breath as we passed through Allentown.  I had read an article last night about the people of Allentown being cannibals so I was a bit concerned when Robby told me that he was going to stop for gas.  Thankfully, he decided that we could wait a bit and we made it through with all of our fingers and toes (kidding, I am sure the people of Allentown are very kind.)

We stopped at Steamtown National Historic Site in Scranton.  It is just amazing the things out there-our park service is just pretty cool.  We ended riding on a short steam train ride which went through the train yard.  The kids sat as still as possible as the train squeaked and swayed down the tracks (if we had been on it for a few more minutes, I would have been sound asleep).  We walking through a round house and saw a turntable. Whitman was again in train heaven.  It gave us a good chance to stretch our legs and when we left, we swung by Sonic since today was 50 cent corn dog day.  

Robby bought a bit more gas as I passed out the corn dogs, chips from yesterday's chip factory and lemonade. Then it was back on the road headed to Cooperstown.  I drove a bit and even though it was 3:30 when we arrived, it felt more like 6:30.  It is cool out and overcast and I do believe that I could have curled up and taken a nap instead of walking through the Baseball Hall of Fame.  

Cooperstown is the cutest little town-Robby and I should have been keeping a list of all of the towns that we have said that we could come back and stay someday when we are old.  The museum was busy with lots of young baseball players walking through.  They must be having some type of championship here because it was a happening place.  There were 3 floors of baseball related things and the kids enjoyed seeing all of the items. The most entertaining thing to me was watching a clip of the Abbott and Costello routine about Who being on first. The kids all watched it but I am not sure how many of them actually understood the comedy in it.  

After we walked through, we headed to the gift shop-Reagan bought a really long pencil (her 3rd pencil to buy on the trip), Graham bought some baseball cards and we bought a baseball that had the Hall of Fame logo on it to join our Louisville Slugger bat on the Christmas tree this year. We drove around the town a bit after take a few pictures in the sculpture garden.  Then it was back on the road to tonight’s hotel which was about 2 hours away.  
And speaking of the road-we are in New York so you would think that driving would just be interstates but about an hour and a half of our driving was on little bitty roads-like driving on a very scenic Lawson for miles and miles. The countryside that we were driving through was absolutely beautiful but still, I was becoming a bit concerned about the reliability of the GPS.  Thankfully though we found our hotel and unloaded.

Robby let the kids swim while he started the laundry.  They had an indoor and an outdoor pool so the kids tried both.  The outdoor pool was pretty cold but Campbell was the only one who wanted to stay in it and did later for a long time.  Swimming seemed to wear everyone out so when we came upstairs we quickly showered and then made sandwiches for supper.  The laundry was a mess tonight-I guess we tried to fill the washer too full so it didn’t run until Robby was loading up clothes to take to a laundrymat.  It started running so we just had 2 loads of clothes which finished late in the evening instead of one load done early in the evening.

Tomorrow is another early day-we still have to finalize some of our plans but Ben and Jerry, cider, syrup and a covered bridge are on the current agenda.

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