August 8, 2016

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  • Monday morning and our main priority was school.  I did wake up a bit later than usual but still we were soon eating our muffin breakfast.  The last time we had some of my muffins from the freezer, we thawed them in the microwave but this time I thought I would be ahead a let them thaw last night.  Not a good idea-the tops became soggy! 
  • The kids started right to work on their school and it helped tremendously that they
    had already finished a few things from yesterday.  We could get so much accomplished, if we would make them do school twice each day-our normal day at night and then just 45 minutes at night but that might be over kill.  
  • At 10, we closed our books and took to picking up the house.  Some of the kids went right to work on their chores and others helped straighten.  My goal during school is for Whitman to not watch tv the entire time (he usually doesn't get to until we start to work together) and for him to not trash the place.  Today he pulled out the sand and I did let him play-even got a tray out for him.  That tray wasn't needed since he used my entire kitchen floor and was so proud of his "dessert" that he made.  Just a few hours later, Ms. Jennifer walked Whitman around the room and showed him the sand box in her classroom all neat and clean on a table cloth-I chuckled and silently wished her good luck with that sand and Whitman!
  • At 11, we arrived at church and there wasn't a place to park in the entire parking lot.  I did what I never do and parked in the handicapped parking.  Graham and Campbell were a bit worried about me getting a ticket but I told them I would risk it.  
  • We met with Whitman's teacher, Ms. Jennifer, first.  She took him around the room and showed him everything and he really wanted to stay.  He put his box in his cubby and we even practiced using the potty.  We are a bit worried about the boy and how well he will do at school.  I am sure that missing 3 weeks right at the first bit of school won't help much but it will give Jennifer a break!
  • Then we walked next door to see Ms. Stacy.  This will be her 5th Dennie to have and my Keaton will be just like the others-as sweet as they can be.  She was excited about her class and showed it to Whitman.  She will do great this year and we aren't worried about her at all!
  • We left the church at the same time that everyone of the people there walked out.  It took us at least 20 minutes to get out of the parking lot-I briefly thought of getting out and directing traffic myself.  We finally made it out of the parking lot and home.  I quickly put lunch in the oven (I had planned ahead) and soon we were all eating our lunch.
  • After lunch, we did some chores and then our history and science.  We worked on our timeline today and even though we just are at 4000 BC, I just love it!  The kids had a low key afternoon-Campbell did spend some time practicing sitting still since she had trouble while meeting the little one's teachers.  
  • After the UPS man came, the boys went work creating their own Battlebots like the tv show that they have become recently obsessed with.  They cut, taped and colored on their cardboard boxes and were working very diligently at trying to figure out how to make them move-I believe that we are going to have a battlebot war here.  
  • When Robby was done with work, we cleaned up and it was already a mess here and then headed out to eat.  Tonight we ate at Taco Bueno and it was really good-or maybe we were really just hungry.  Once we returned home, the kids had their delayed ice cream truck from last night and then it was bedtime for my crew!

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