August 13, 2016

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  • Again today all of the boys were awake early this morning.  They all quickly found their ipads and Whitman even walked around to Robby's side of the bed to take his.  Of course, Robby never stirred during all of this and I had to crawl over him to get it.  This did buy us a bit more time to snooze but that didn't last too long.
  • Every single day, I tell Robby how much I would love waking up earlier and being able to exercise before our day really gets started.  (Not on Saturdays of course but specifically school days.)  He told me that he knew exactly how I could get up earlier-just start letting the boys wake up at 6 and then they would all be downstairs at 6 and really, once they come down there isn't much sleeping anymore.
  • After our showers, I snuck out of the house and into the garage to start helping Robby.  Our task on this rainy Saturday morning was defrosting the freezer outside.  Since our trip is coming up, we are becoming a bit concerned about that silly freezer.  Grannymom found it completely defrosted last year when we were on our vacation so she had to throw out all of our nasty food.  The freezer is working well so far but we plan on taking no chances-defrosted now so it should run better.
  • We waited and waited around for our breakfast to be delivered to us but it never came so we finally heated up some sausage biscuits.  Then we ran a few errands before stopping at the grocery store.  We had to pick up food from the sale ad, foor for supper for the next few nights and food for our trip.  Now, I am quickly realizing that we must think that there are no grocery stores or even any food sold on the East coast.  I have now packed one large ice chest filled with dry food, one large bing filled with food, two medium sized bins filled with food and 4 small bins filled with food.  This possibly could be the reason that we can only take 3 changes of clothes and have to do laundry practically every night.
  • After we shopped, we ran home to unload and then to pick up Campbell.  The other kids in the car could not contain themselves-they were so excited that we were headed to Playtime Pizza and they had planned on not telling Campbell and letting her be surprised.  We sure didn't think that Graham could handle it-he kept grinning and saying over and over that he was just going to look out the window.  Thankfully, they were able to keep it a secret and she was so excited when we pulled into the parking lot at Playtime.
  • Not only were we in the parking lot, every person in Little Rock seemed to be there too.  It was the busiest that we have ever seen it.  At least since it was busy, the buffet was well stocked at 3 in the afternoon. We ate and then took off-we had passes for all but one of us to get in for free so Robby also bought everyone one big activity to do.  
  • The first was go carts for Reagan and Anderson.  The line was crazy long and Robby said that we waited probably for almost an hour.  The kids all did really well waiting that long.  Since we had waited that long, we decided that Keaton and Whitman should ride on this one too so Robby and I also drove go carts.  Graham and Campbell watched because they were saving their big activity.
  • Graham was next and he picked some type of laser escape room.  We could see him crawl of lasers and jump over them.  It was pretty entertaining to watch and he seemed pleased with his pick.  Campbell picked the bumper cars so Robby rode with her to help her out a bit.  My one memory of bumper cars from when I was small was me trying to drive the bumper cars but I was stuck up against the wall the entire time.  It wasn't like that for Campbell; she really seemed to enjoy slamming into strangers.
  • Our final activity was mini golf for everyone.  The kids enjoyed it and Reagan was the only Dennie with a hole in one.  After our golf game, we stopped at the buffet again to get a little bite to eat before heading home.  The buffet was really busy this time; so much so that Robby decided that everyone needed showers when we came home!
  • At home, the kids took showers and helped straighten a bit before watching some of the Olympics before heading to bed.  Currently, the girls are all wired and so is Whitman.  We have already been up there twice each and the only Dennie that is asleep is Graham.   

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