August 7, 2016

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  • We were out of bed in plenty of time this morning but we didn't really account for us having to leave about 20 minutes early to get Robby to church in time to practice passing out the Lord's Supper.  Robby called out that we had only 20 minutes left and we still had to eat breakfast, dress Whitman and I had 3 girls hair to brush.  Robby threw doughnuts at everyone while I yanked out hair while brushing it.  (Actually, I only had 2 girls' hair to put up because Reagan wanted to wear her hair down this morning-she probably hasn't worn her hair down in months!)
  • Robby was able to sit with us during big church but he had to sneak off to hand out the Lord's Supper upstairs  This was fine but goodness gracious my arms just weren't long enough-Anderson and Graham are my only ones to partake of the Lord's Supper and they were swishing the grape juice so much that I thought it was going to fly out of their cup and stain the people's shirts in front of us and I tell you I thought I was going to have to do the heimlich on Graham after he had the cracker.
  • This was our last week in our Sunday school classes.  The kids will have all new teachers and we will have a whole class of new 3rd graders.  Graham will be in our class this year which means that Anderson will not be.  Though I do have a strong suspicion that Robby will be spending a good deal of time looking across the hall at Anderson to check on his behavior!
  • We had lunch at Grannymom's house today and we were able to celebrate Jenna's birthday.  Grannymom made Jenna's favorite meal-roast, potatoes and carrots.  Some of my crew had been asking for cooked carrots but I didn't get a chance to see if they actually ate any or if they were all talk (Keaton has been saying that she wants to try salad for months now but whenever she gets the opportunity, she says that she will try it next time.)
  • Today, Robby looked back at the blog and saw that the kids lost their kindles last year when we celebrated Jenna's birthday and again this year, they ended up losing their ipads.  My 3 big ones had the most difficulty ever getting in the car and buckling up this morning-Graham was climbing in the back doors, others were locking the doors and I was about to loose my mind.  They ended up loosing their ipads for the afternoon and were told they had to fold the laundry and then they had to choice to go to bed for an hour and a half or to do school work for an hour.  They all picked school work so I spent my afternoon groggily checking papers.
  • After everyone was released from the work, they spent what was left of the afternoon watching tv, playing their ipads and the xbox.  Campbell even spent some of her time doing more school work.  Robby heated up supper and then we had the laziest Sunday evening ever-we didn't do a thing.  Whitman, Campbell and Keaton played some games, the little girls made some bracelets, the boys watched some Olympics and most folks played the xbox some.  
  • It was nearly 9 when we did put everyone to bed.  We had become slackers on reading our Bibles story so tonight we started back.  The only difference this time was that Whitman sat down cooperatively with us and listened (mostly) to everything.  I guess that baby is growing up...some, he still wets his pants though!

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