August 19, 2016

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  • I woke up this morning to a few texts from Campbell.  I guess that she was an early riser at Nonna's house this morning and began her texting early.  That was fine with me because I never heard her texts come through until much later.  Everyone at our house slept in just a little bit longer than usual.
  • When we did wake up, we started on breakfast-we are on operation clean out the fridge, freezer and eat all of the open cereal.  I am not sure if it is working or not though-I am not sure how we can have so many boxes of cereal opened but hopefully some of them will be emptied in the next few days.  Monday will begin "cereal for all 3 meals" so that should surely make a dent in things.
  • We started on a half day of school work.  I call it a "half day" but it should probably be termed a "3rd day" since we still have a bit more to finish up on Wednesday (we will do regular full days on Monday and Tuesday).  Though I did pull out a few too many math and phonics pages for Campbell so I am going to make her squeeze those in on Wednesday's "third day."
  • After school, we all worked together on chores.  Usually, I give the kids their duties and I stay where I am working on whatever I am doing-like they come to me asking for their next job while I am cleaning the kitchen or folding clothes.  But today, I stayed with them and we all just moved from room to room straightening.  It worked well and probably ended up with a cleaner house than usual but it was a bit more work-you forget that they have no idea how to do anything and you have to tell them every single thing to do.  I am not sure when you become old enough to know that when you see trash on the floor you pick it up or when there is a drawer open then you close it. 
  • Finally we finished with our chores and I let them kids have free time.  They were pleased with this and spent a good while upstairs on the wii.  Robby and I spend that time getting ready for our short overnight trip in Mississippi.  Seriously, all we needed to pack for this trip was a pair of undies and clothes for the next day but we spent hours and hours working on cords, boxes, bags and everything else.  We took this trip seriously and tried to prepare just like we would for our upcoming road trip.  Hopefully prepping for this trip will make packing for our upcoming one easier.
  • About noon, Campbell came home from Nonna and Pops house.  They had lots of fun but she was glad to be back home among the excitement.  Robby served lunch while I took a shower and then I had people straighten while he showered.  Soon we were on the road and headed to Grannymom and Grandpa's to pick them up.
  • We then headed to Mississippi-I spent most of my time in the car turned around backwards working on earphones, ipads or passing out snacks.  Hopefully some of that will subside before our big trip-if not I am afraid that I might just get car sick.
  • Once we made it to Les and Shelleys, they had pizza for us.  Even though we had just had sandwiches in the car, we still partook of the pizza.  Before too long, we loaded up and headed to Josh's football game.  He is a sophmore and starts on the offensive line and the game was pretty fun to watch....well, it was probably more fun for the other team to watch but we still enjoyed watching Josh play.  My boys could not wait to go down to the bottom and talk to him.
  • The weather couldn't have been any better tonight for August and after the week we have had, it was wonderful that it wasn't raining.  My Whitman watched the first half of the game but pretty much slept through the second half.  He actually slept through that half, the entire way home and then snoozed as I changed his clothes and stuck him in his sleeping bag.  
  • Once back and Les', we had delicious brownies and stayed up for a bit longer before heading upstairs to bed.  We are all camped out in their bonus room and there is wall to wall babies in here-pretty perfect.  Robby is on the couch and I am sleeping in this mummy sleeping bag-I think I might just want a new sleeping bag for my birthday now.  

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