August 14, 2016-Happy 70th Birthday Nonna!

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  • Today was promotion Sunday at church so we had to get there a bit earlier than usual so we were up and moving early this morning.  We were actually moving early enough that when the kids came to ask for their ipads, we were ready to assign them a chore to do first.  That probably wasn't the best way to start the Sunday morning off for them but it sure did start our day off better.
  • After everyone was dressed, we loaded up to get doughnuts for our breakfast and for our new Sunday school class.  It took me almost to Nonna's house before I could get everything passed out to everyone.  By the time I took a bite of my doughnut, people were already asking for seconds.  I then ran into Nonna's house to drop off her birthday cake and then we were on the way to church.
  • This year we will go to Sunday school first so we went to my class to drop off my bag and the doughnuts and then we made the grandparent run.  The kids were happy to see that we would still get to see the grandparents despite our schedule change and they were happy to see that they still had candy for them.
  • Then it was off to new Sunday school classes. Whitman has Keaton's old Sunday school teacher.  When we went to drop him off, Keaton tried to walk in with him.  She went down the hall to Ms. Bev's class.  This year she even has the option to stay for children's church but we opted to let her join us in big church.
  • This was Campbell's first day of first grade Sunday school.  She has the same teachers that Reagan had when she was in first grade and the same teachers that I had when I was in the first grade.  Graham was also in good hands-ours!  We went from having 6 3rd graders in our class last year to 20 this morning.  Anderson is right next door in his 4th grade class.  
  • Reagan has started in the preteen area today.  One of her teachers was also mine and Robby's Sunday school teachers when we were little.  Overall, everyone seemed to enjoy their new Sunday school classes and we were pretty pleased with ours (first Sunday though so those 20 kids may have been on their best behavior.)
  • Then we headed to big church.  This service was much fuller than what we were used to and we were sitting in a different spot (way down front in the center) so things seemed much different.  Keaton joined us in church today and did better than many of the other nearby Dennies.  Campbell did have a problem sitting still and earned herself some time in her bed this afternoon (and she must have been tired because she went sound to sleep in her bed after Robby told her that she could get up if she wanted to.)
  • After church, we went to Nonna's house to celebrate her 70th birthday.  Pops took care of the lunch-bbq and ribs.  I had made a Dr. Pepper cake and it was pretty good.  I was worried that it would be dry but the icing which had over a bag of powdered sugar in it took care of that concern since you probably couldn't taste the cake due to all of the icing that I had dumped on it.
  • Nonna opened her presents after we had finished eating.  Coffee and a cookbook from Jason and a gift certificate to a fall lunch at the Governor's mansion from us. Then we had a bit of time to play there before heading home.  Once at home, the kids all watched their movies and played their ipads while Robby and I snoozed on the couch while listening to the heavy rain (I am actually the one who heard the rain, Robby slept right through it.)
  • At suppertime, we heated up some nachos and everyone had their fill.  Then the girls all went to town coloring in the kitchen while the boys watched the Olympics with us.  They were all fairly calm tonight so we even let them stay up a bit and read/draw in their beds.  This was the first time that we had done any reading since Whitman had started sleeping in his bed so that will be a bit of adjustment to him-he did look at his books briefly but then caused a bit of havoc. 
  • Now it is bedtime and we still hear stirring upstairs so hopefully things will calm down soon and Keaton will be well rested for her first day of school tomorrow.

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