August 17, 2016

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  • We slept wonderfully last night until Robby woke me up with the words "somebody's sick."  My first thought was "well, poop!" but that wasn't exactly the best word to describe it.  My Keaton was upstairs and thankfully had made it to the bathroom.  As I was going to take her downstairs, she told me that she had laid on the floor in the bathroom for awhile.  That will certainly just break your heart.
  • She was sick a few more times before 7 and then slept for a few good hours.  Bless her-that baby gets the stomach bug more than any other Dennie and it hits her hard every single time.  At one point during the morning, she opened her eyes and looked at me as I walked through the room.  She asked if Grannymom had already been here so once Grannymom did arrive, I made sure to wake that baby up.
  • The rest of us ate our breakfast and then the kids did a tiny bit of school today.  We will do 2 days of school next week, 1 more full day tomorrow and I decided that we needed to squeeze in another day before we leave so this was just a bit of a half day.  The kids finished what I had asked and were all playing on their ipads when Grannymom and Grandpa arrived.
  • Granpda is starting a career in the fan installation business and is using our house on his resume.  Not really, but he has put 3 new fans up in our house over the past few weeks and even installed 2 new blinds in the boys room today.  Before they left Grandpa played a round of golf with the boys on the wii upstairs.
  • We all had lunch and yes, by this time Keaton was going strong-even thowing a fit in the floor because I didn't immediately pour her coke when she asked.  Afterwards, we did a few chores and just as I was about to open the history book, the kids saw the neighbors outside.  I saw all of those pleading eyes so of course I let them all out.
  • It didn't take long for them all to end up back inside the house.  I didn't think about it today but I just did-that was 10 kids in my house all afternoon.  The girls were a bit wilder than the boys and could never really settle on anything.  But the boys learned how to make stop motion photography with the older neighbor kid. They both so enjoyed this and were so proud of the videos that they made.
  • The neighbors went home around 4 and I quickly jumped in the shower while the kid straightened and got themselves ready for chuch tonight.  Just about as soon as Robby came home, we had finished eating and loaded up for church.  We had 2 cars tonight so he could go to the parent meeting for Reagan.  It was one of those evenings-Whitman fell and hit his head on the way in, I left to my area with the big kids Bibles, they looked for me but couldnt' find me since I was in the bathroom with Keaton who thought she was about to get sick.  
  • It all worked out in the end-Keaton sat in the bathroom while I dropped off Whitman, Sara helped the kids find me and their Bibles, Robby took Keaton home (she was fine) and I didn't have to work in the preschool the first little bit and went to the parent meeting.  Picking up on Wednesday nights is always crazy and will be even crazier this year-2 in the preschool building, 1 upstairs, 2 in the fellowship hall and Reagan who can check herself out and will be in the game room.  Makes me tired just thinking about pick up!
  • At home, everyone had showers and then it was bedtime for the crew-hopefully, we will all sleep well tonight and all the tummys in the house will stay well!

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