August 22, 2016

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  • Before 7 this morning, Robby was outside cutting Graham's hair with Campbell watching.  He had just finished with Graham and stuck his head inside asking if Anderson was awake.  Poor Anderson was just walking down the stairs but headed on outside for his haircut.  While this was happening, I woke up Whitman and started talking up his upcoming haircut.
  • I had his milk sitting by the door just in case he needed it but he did find.  Soon he was taking his shower before getting on his clothes for the day.  Keaton was quickly ready and Whitman joined her at the bar.  Everyone ate their breakfast and then my little 2 headed out for the day-Keaton at school and Whitman at Nonna and Pops' house.
  • The rest of us here started on school.  Today went much, much better than last Monday but we did still hit a few bumps.  Graham spent some time in his bed and after school was over, I put calamine on Campbell's mosquito bite filled legs.  She acted like I had just poured acid on her legs and was quickly sent to her room.  Campbell screamed and yelled "get it off" and "I don't want Daddy to see me like this" over and over again.  You would have thought that she was possessed....until she heard her daddy downstairs.  As if by magic, just hearing his voice downstairs cured her of her craziness.  I possibly may just record Robby's voice tonight and play it occasionally from my phone-they will never know if he has just come home or not.
  • After lunch, we worked on packing.  I did the boys clothes and their is pretty easy-black shorts, t shirt, black shorts, t shirt, black shorts, t shirt-and done!  We finished right at 2 and hopped into the car and picked up Keaton and Whitman.
  • From there we went to see Beebee.  She was in a fine mood-it was hard for me to hear the story that she was telling me today (that was fine though because I had already heard it from Pops) because the kids were talking so loudly about the candy.  Whitman sat down like a big boy and ate lollipop after lollipop until they ran out.  We wrote our trip dates on her calendar and then said our goodbyes.
  • Back at home, I quickly tried to pack Reagan and Campbell-there was nothing quick about that.  We did manage and Robby was able to help me heat up some hot dogs for the pool and the big 4 and were then headed to the pool.  Keaton had a play date tonight with Evelyn and Whitman and Robby ran a few errands.
  • We all arrived back home at about the same time and my crew had showers while Robby's crew watched some tv.  Then we did make everyone help pick up for a few minutes before bed.
  • When they were all tucked in, Robby and I loaded up a pretty big load of stuff for the car.  Then we went to the kitchen to make rice krispy treats and puppy chow for the trip-but then discovered we were out of rice krispies and powerdered sugar.  So we just had some ice cream!

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