August 11, 2016

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  • The boys were up early and Whitman was tagging along right with them.  As soon as I could get the girls up, we had breakfast-cereal, toast and yogurt.  Then we went to work on our chores and just a tiny bit school work. 
  • Before I realized it, it was time for me to start making our lunches and when I had just zipped the ice chest, it was already time to go.  We loade dup and picked up Reagan and Lilly.  Reagan had spen the night at Lilly's house and apparently they stayed up very late-I heard them say they had only 2 hours of sleep last night (that means Reagan will be a bear tomorow.)
  • We headed to the pool and were there before it even opened-this was the first time this year that we have been this early.  The neighbors met us and soon everyone was swimming.  It wasn't the greatest of pool days for Whitman.  I had been watching him (I thought) but when I got on to him about going down the slide the wrong way, the lifegaurd told me that she had already told him a few times and he couldn't slide anymore today.  I set him in time out and thankfully he seemed to understand.
  • Then a bit later, I saw him going off the diving board.  He turned around backwards and I shouted for him to turn around-of course, he couldn't hear me.  He jumped and scraped himself going down.  Graham, Lilly and the lifegaurd all dove in to get him.  He bounced up out of the water frightened by 3 people pulling on him.  He was just fine and did get scratched on his arm.  I even had to fill out paper work which they do anytime there is a possible injury-geez!  This time at least, he wasn't doing anything wrong, he was just too little to try what he did.  After this I stuck with him like glue for the rest of the swimming time.  
  • After we had our lunch, we swam until 1 and then headed home.  Once at home, the kids helped (some) unloading the car.  You seriously never realize how much work is involved in any outing until you are a mom-the kids said they picked up their rows but after I hung up 8 towels, spread out the floatees, unloaded the swim bag and reloaded it, unpacked the ice chest and threw the clothes and suits spread around the house into the laundry basket, I noticed that my 6 people were sitting on the couch playing their devices in the cool house while I was still in a wet suit working like a dog. 
  • Reagan had a bit of school work to do with me this afternoon because we didn't finish on Monday.  So we quickly knocked that out and then I sat with Whitman for a bit.  He was about to go to sleep and was pretty cuddley.  I could have slept too but was too busy helping Campbell and Keaton text the grandpas.  
  • I eventually made it up to the treadmill while Robby was doing a tiny bit of mowing.  Once he finished, we cleaned up and headed out to eat.  The kids enjoyed the pizza, cheese dip, chicken wings and dessert that we had.  Reagan and Graham helped Robby finish off his ribs and Reagan also helped eat my soup.  It was a decent enough meal but the desserts were great!  Imagine those kids all with their spoons in hand eating as fast as they could so they could get enough.  Robby and I had our own that we were busy scarfing down as well!
  • Once we made it home, it was bedtime for all-hopefully Reagan and everyone else will sleep very well tonight!

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