March 1, 2023

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  • This week has just really flown by. It was hard for me to realize that it was Wednesday this morning. 
  • We did our daily reading this morning. I keep adding more things to read so what we are reading we are having to read less of so we can get to everything in time. This is causing us to never finish anything-or at least it seems like it.
  • After this everyone started on their school work. Whitman has been pretty diligent this week on his school work so he doesn't have a whole lot left for tomorrow. I will see if he asks to read ahead for Monday becuase this last Monday he read ahead for the next day. I think that he had thought about getting ahead, but he enjoys reading so much that he hasn't missed a day so each day he just reads ahead.
  • I did take Bentley on a short walk this afternoon. I thought that the weather was coming in earlier so I was trying to beat that. Reagan headed off to work this afternoon. Well, before Reagan left, Campbell and Keaton went to work on making pizza dough so they could make a pizza and cheesy garlic bread. 
  • It took them 3 hours to make it, but it was actually delicious. They had fun and the kitchen wasn't a disaster when they had finished. I am glad that they found something to do.
  • When Reagan came home from work, we soon headed to church tonight. There was lots of excitement because of the coming storm. Of course the church had everything planned out in case of a tornado, but other than some excited kiddos and lots of lightening it was all good.
  • Keaton did tech tonight, and she loved every minute of it. There is alot of new equipment in our room so she hasn't had the chance to do it lately.
  • Once we all came home, we had chicken spaghetti waiting for us in the crock pot. We all ate before settling in for the night. It was wonderful to have a warm meal to eat.
  • Right now Campbell and Keaton are working on a project that Grannymom inspired. It looks to be like it could me quite a mess to me!

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