March 7, 2023

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  • We started school at just about the perfect time this morning. Graham, Anderson and Reagan weren't around too long when they had to leave for Comm Central. 
  • I know that Graham managed to get some things done this morning, but I am not too sure about those other two. Everyone that was left here was finished with their school work by 11-well, except for Whitman.
  • He did get a bit frustrated today when he saw that he still had quite a few things to do. I told him that he would still by finished by noon, and indeed he was. 
  • The boys came home from school and started on their lunch-one was making eggs and the other had a bagel. They were both in the kitchen working-I did remind them that breakfast was over though. We never really seem to eat lunch things for lunch around here. I know that Campbell had Sunday night leftovers, but I'm not sure what Keaton and Whitman ate. I do know that it was a sandwich-which was good enough for Robby and I when we were growing up.
  • After I took my walk, I read again with Keaton, Campell and Whitman. A few minutes after we finihsed, it was time for most everyone here to leave again.
  • Soccer tryouts were held again today. Anderson. who is getting real money now, left with Graham and Campbell, who were earning a little bit of money for camps. Keaton also decided that she wanted to go because who wants to miss a party. When Reagan finished up with her class at 2:20 she headed that way to help out as well.
  • That left Whitman at home alone for a very long time today. He helped me go through all of his clothes. We don't really have to switch out to summer and winter clothes like we used to. But I do try to go through everyone's clothes twice a year to weed some things out. I also go through the bins to make sure that we don't miss any clothes either.
  • He was great help, but I when I would ask if there was anything that he didn't want, I think that he didn't want to tell me in case he would offend me. I was still able to weed out two bags of clothes of Whitman's to take to a friend.
  • Robby and I worked on the camper a little bit this afternoon. We had left it a mess when we came back from our December trip. Not really a mess-it was clean, but everything that had been washed, I just threw on the bed instead of putting it up where it belonged. He also made sure that all of the things were working-hot water heater, heat, air-all of those important things.
  • Whitman and I did make another recipe from his cookbook. Today we made brownies since I figured that he needed something to do since no one else was home. 
  • The kids stayed and worked until after 6. On the way home, Reagan and her car picked up pizza. We all devoured that as soon as they came home. Everyone was pretty chatty about what all they did this evening so we visited for a while before the kids ran off-most to take showers, but Graham had a game delivered today that he was ready to play.
  • Now I am cozied up on the couch with my book and water. Soon we will cut into Whitman's brownies. 

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