March 28, 2023

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  • I did wake up a few minutes before it was time to start school today which is better than usual. However, I did take my time waking people up and getting ready, that it was already past time to start when we started our school work.
  • Now, when I oepned the boys door this morning, there was Whitman and Graham both sleeping in the floor. I thought about going and getting my phone to take a picture but that was too far away. When I went back to wake them up again, they were both still laying on the floor sound asleep. I know they are all getting big, but I sure did enjoy seeing that.
  • When we did start on school, I went to town reading history. If you remember I have been near finishing it for weeks and possibly months. I do have less than 40 pages left so we are moving quite well through it. It's not like we will finish our reading time any earlier without having to read history, I will just find something else to read.
  • And speaking of finding something to read, I guess I need to take my girls to the library soon. They have both finsihed all of their books that were here. Keaton and Campbell both like to go to the library to touch a book before getting it, while Whitman is content for me to request books for him. The girls will, however, get books online from the library to read which is works as well.
  • Anderson and Graham had their one class today, and Reagan had her 3 classes. As Reagan was coming home, we were heading to Defy with everyone else. She spent some time doing math when she came home. Her college algebra class must have been much more difficult to her than her college trig class is because she rarely is stressing over math this semester. That is all a very good thing.
  • When we came home from Defy, we were there for a bit before leaving again. This time we all headed to church. First Sophia came to the house so she could join Keaton, Campbell, Graham and Reagan to watch the Comm Central talent show. The girls had friends in it so they were glad to get to see it.
  • While they did this, Robby, Anderson, Whitman and I helped a little bit with the Kingdom set. We did get one task that we completed. When you look at the stage, look at the right door way area and know that Anderson and Robby are the ones that put that up there. And probably say a little prayer that it doesn't fall!
  • After we finished our task, we eased on towards the car. The talent show came home a little bit later in the next car laod. After we heard all about things, it was time for some ice cream to cap off the evvening.

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