March 18, 2023-Spring Break in D.C.

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It was certainly nice not having to leave super early in the morning. However, it is now after midnight (eastern time), and we are thinking that we probably should have left super early this morning. We have had a good day so really we have no complaints.

Robby and I both woke up around 7:30, and sometime around 8 I think that we were on the road. Last night by the time that we went to sleep there were 3 other campers in the parking lot with us. Tonight there are at least 5 other campers right now.

We drove until Buccees this morning without stopping. Since today was Saturday Robby didn't have to think about work so that made him more relaxed. Mostly the kids just slept as we drove the 4ish or so hours until Buccees.

Well, there was that one incident-Anderson put his head up there to where we were and told me that the tv just fell on his head. Thankfully, the tv was just right above his head so it more like tipped over onto his head. And thankfully, he didn't seem to bothered by it-I did check on him every so often afterwards to make sure he was fine. 

Robby said that he didn't probably put the tv all the way back on the bracket last night, and all of the bumping down the road caused it to bounce on off. I was almost certain that the tv would have a head shaped crack on it when we turned it on, but it was still working just fine which was a good thing since there has been a lot of basketball watching today.

At Buccees everything was absolutely crazy-parking was crazy, getting gas was crazy, and inside was crazy. Reagan and I were able to walk right into the bathrooms but by the time that we left, there was a long line.

We did get a few snacks there-most people got bbq or chicken sandwiches. Reagan and I split some huge burrito. I think that all of the kids except for Anderson did get icees. Keaton and Whitman opted for sandwiches back in the camper. Even with our purchases it still was a needed stop to stretch our legs for a little bit.

We soon were back in the camper and sat down to eat before driving. I think that we did stop at some point for gas along with way. Our next stop was Bristol, Virginia which is right near the state line. The reason for the stop-the Hogs game. 

It is also the birthplace of country music, and during halftime we walked around a little bit stopping by the museum for a picture. Then we walked another few blocks to the bakery, Blackbird Bakery, that we had seen while driving in. We figured that it would be closed, but we were happy to see a huge line in side. I jumped in the line while we figutred out what we were going to do.

Anderson and Whitman stayed back at the camper, and Graham and Reagan stayed outside with Bentley. Graham saw that we were in the line so he decided to walk back to the camper. Reagan went with him to drop off Bentley so she had Keaton go with her to walk back with her. They made it back about the time that we reached the front of the line.

Of course we did pick up a few things-a chocolate cake, a brownie tower, 3 cookies and 6 dougnuts. We do nothing small around here. So we ate our goodies while we watched the second half of the Hogs game. It was a nailbitter, and I am sure that if there were people walking near this camper they may have thought that someone was in trouble inside because there was a lot of yelling. Thankfully, the Hogs pulled off a victory, and we hit the road again.

We had one gas stop tonight, or really possibly two. I am not sure. Just one I think now, but after it I did start making supper. Robby said that this was one of his favorite meals. We have bought some greek chicken on sale so I heated that up and put it in pita bread with some mozerella cheese. Robby had me add some ranch dressing to his. Plus there were some roasted potatoes that I heated up. I think that the meal was a hit with not just Robby but everyone else as well.

We found our spot tonight. It took a bit to get settled, but we soon were all almost in our beds. Robby is in the bathroom now, and I'm next. Just imagine how long it takes 8 people to change clothes, go to the bathroom and brush their teeth. Plus 4 of the kids beds have to be made every single night. It does take a little bit of time, but this camping is sure my favorite.

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