March 15, 2023

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  • This morning certainly didn't feel like a Wednesday, but by this evening it sure does. The morning started the same as usual. Our school routine has been going fairly well lately. Of course this always happened about at the end of the school year.
  • I'm still plugging along on our history. I know more about Blaise Pascal then most people would thing possible. Actually, I have forgotten what I read this morning already. And to tell you the truth, I am sure that the kids have forgotten as well.
  • Today was a big day for Anderson. To take his math class next year which will earn him college credit, he has to make a 249 on the accuplacer math section since he didn't score high enough on the act.
  • He will have to take the reading portion later, but we just concentrated on the math lately. I took him to Pulaski Tech to take his test today. He was nervous-I can always tell when he is because he will go to the bathroom.
  • The test is untimed and there were only 20 questions (I wasn't sure). When Reagan did it the last time, the math section took her two tries. But I could tell when Anderson walked out that he had gotten the score that he needed. He earned well over the score needed so that was great.
  • Once at home, I worked in the camper for a little bit and even found some time to read. Robby and I discussed our menu for next week and made the grocery list.
  • I took the early group to the library and to church, and Robby, Whitman and Reagan came later when she finished up work for the day. We did the Wednesday night church thing. 
  • Robby did leave early to go and pick up the groceries and even picked up some supper for us. He is about to be home so we will unload and dive in to the Chinese food.

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