March 3, 2023

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  • Robby and I stayed up super late watching tv which mean that our kids did as well. Since there really isn't much school on Friday, it was fine. Surprisingly though when I went to wake up the boys later this morning when it was time for them to start on their last few things, Whitman was wide awake in his room. A few minutes later, Campbell text me and as also awake. 
  • This morning, I was able to do this regular things plus pull out school for the next week. There were a few checker games while I was reading this morning to everyone. I probably should pull out the chess set or some other things because they kids are probably getting pretty good at checkers since that is what they do each time that I read.
  • Keaton did spend a good deal of the day making dessert pizza for everyone. Anderson and I worked on rebuilding one of his lego sets. We did this alot during Covid, and the other week he said that he had some left to do so we were able to finish one today. You have to find each and every piece which is certainly overwhelming but thankfully, we didn't have any missing pieces today.
  • I had told Robby that I would make supper at 5:30 tonight, but then I became distracted playing Ticket to Ride with Anderson, Whitman and Keaton so it was nearly 6:30 when I did start on supper.
  • We usually don't eat until at least 6:30 so no one was going hungry though. I was a bit perturbed about the game though while I was cooking supper. That Anderson-I can't seem to beat him in any game. I was trying super hard and really thought I was doing well today. 
  • After supper, we ate the second of the two dessert pizzas and then everyone went their separate ways. Campbell and Keaton are working on their bead thing, Whitman is on the couch by us watchign his tv, the big boys are on their xbox and I hear Reagan in the shower.

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