March 26, 2023

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  • This morning we had to leave for church quite a bit earlier than usual. Keaton was baptized this morning so we had to get there 30 minutes early. 
  • I have missed big church the past 3 weeks (out of town, worship care, and cooking pancakes), but this week since I was up in the baptistry and saw everyone of the choir members pass by including people I haven't spoken to in years, I felt like I had made up for my missing church lately.
  • Tonight began construction for The Kingdom, and then the week after Easter the sanctuary at church will undergo some major remodeling so I guess Keaton was the last person to be baptized in the baptistry before they move it to its new location.
  • After big church, we had Sunday school and even though we had a few less kids, our class is pretty boy heavy so that always makes things eventful.
  • Grannymom had lunch for us today-lasagna which we all like. Last time we ate at my mom's house on a Sunday, she had lasagna. That week that we ate lasagna at my mom's house, was also my week to cook for Sunday night supper. That night I made a new recipe which was very simalar to lasagna. This week was also my night for Sunday night supper so I picked a new recipe. Once we had bought all of the ingredients, I realized it was pretty much what we had cooked before and also similar to lasagna! So next time I do cook for Sunday night supper, I am vowing now to not make any type of pasta/Italian dish.
  • After lunch, we came home and went to work. Graham and Reagan emptied the dishwasher. Then Keaton and Graham cracked 3 dozen eggs while Anderson and Robby moved the griddle to the back patio. Then Robby cooked 4 pounds of sausage and 3 dozen eggs for me. 
  • Next Keaton, Whitman, and Campbell helped me scoop up and wrap 60 or so breakfast burrito packets. It took a while, but since every did help it went much quicker.
  • Soon 3 kiddos headed to Rock Creek, and I finished my nap as Robby watched some football. Then it was time for supper. And all too quickly, the weekend came to a close.

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