March 10, 2023

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  • There wasn't a whole lot happening here today for sure. Anderson and Graham had school work to do. In fact, Anderson still has some math to do for me this weekend. And whne I was working on Campbell's school for next week, I saw that she also had one little thing to do for me today.
  • That didn't take her anytime at all to do. I soon did spelling with Whitman. He asked if we were going to do it every day, and to which I replied every single day. He then questioned me if we were going to do it on Sundays too.
  • Pretty early in the morning, I took Bentley on a walk, and then right after lunch I walked on the treadmill. I was marking things off of my list quickly today.
  • Keaton, Campbell, Whitman and I played a game this afternoon. It didn't take too long-we have been on quite the game playing streak lately.
  • Reagan went to work today, and as soon as she came home she turned around to go to church for Girls Game Night. Campbell was signed up to go to, but she had a birthday party that came up. She has been bowling tonight and to eat pizza with her friends.
  • When I dropped Campbell to meet her party people, Robby took the others to Defy. They were able to jump for a little bit-well, the big boys played basketball the whole time and were sweaty messes when we finally left to run by Sonic.
  • We made it home just before the Hogs started playing. I made homemade sloppy joes-we used to have manwhich occasionally, but the kids were never a fan of it. Now, we haven't had those now in years-probably 8-10. 
  • They were good-Robby and I really liked them. However, the others-not so much. I think it might be an age thing since the big boys ate theirs. Keaton and Whitman only ate about half or even less of theirs. 
  • I picked up Campbell from her party. She had lots of fun bowling and eating pizza. Reagan also came in from her party and had fun as well. 
  • And before bed we headed to the Wilson's house to celebrate Brett's birthday. Shannon had made oreo delight which was delicious and put my over my calorie count for the day!

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