March 9, 2023

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  • Thursdays are still my favorite day despite the rain that we had today. I knew that it was dark this morning when we were getting up, but somehow I had missed that it was going to be raining today and was surprised to see the rain.
  • We did our together work-and I know that I was talking big about finishing science a few weeks ago. We have finished all of the reading part, but I am still going through trying to finish all of the experiments. Usually, I would just skip them, but Whitman loves them so I can't skip anything. Thankfully, I just have about 4 left to do.
  • I'm also getting super close to finishing history. And when I say close, I mean there are about 100 pages left. I need to read 6 pages a day so I am trying my best to read at least 7 each day. It is a lot of reading, but there is a big possibility that I will be finished with it by the end of the month. Plus there is another book that we are about to finish that we have been working on all year. However, I did just get 3 more from the library to add to our daily reading pile yesterday.
  • Reagan and Graham had classes today. She usually takes Graham to school and goes to study hall, but Robby was headed that way today so Reagan was able to go a bit later which I think she enjoyed-since she spent the extra time sleeping.
  • Keaton made pretzels from her cookbook today. We are trying to make most of the recipes from their book. Most folks thought that they were pretty good, but I thought they were a bit salty. Not sure if that it was the dough or the salt on top.
  • We made a trip to Defy this afternoon. I spent the time sipping on my hot chocolate and reading my book. Now the last few minutes I did close my eyes for a little bit. It was fine though since I was looking at my book and to others it just looked like I was reading. 
  • Back at home, I walked on the treadmill while Reagan headed to her Dgroup for a little bit. Then Robby and I made waffles and sausage for our supper tonight. I think that I could have waffles once a week-I even froze a few of the leftovers so we can try to reheat them in the toaster.
  • Currently, most people are watching the Hogs play basketball. Of course this reminds all of us of 2020 when the boys, Campbell, Keaton, and Robby went to the SEC championship right before the whole nation shut down. 
  • I think that after this game, it might just be ice cream time!

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