March 11, 2023

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  • Around 11 last night, Robby realized that he needed to walk on the treadmill for about 10 minutes to keep his streak going, so that is what he did as everyone else in the house went to bed. And thne this morning, that was the first thing that he did.
  • I left with Anderson and Campbell around 11 this morning. I had an Academy coupon and since Anderson needed a new pair of tennis shoes we headed that way. Big boy shoes are not cheap! I used my coupon and had a handful of gift cards to use.
  • Then we went over to Dollar Tree so I could finally buy a few more things for my Christmas child shoeboxes. Then much to Anderson's disappointment, Robby offered to meet us at Kroger to get gas.
  • He brought the suburban and filled it and the van with gas. Then we headed to Costco where we bougth chocolate chips, chicken patties and salsa along with two pizzas for Anderson and Campbell to take home. He drove home with everyone's late lunch,
  • Then Robby and I went to Bath and Body for me to use my coupon followed by On the Border since he had a coupon expiring. I am a cheap date since our meal just cost 13 dollars and he paid with a gift card.
  • After eating, we went to Trader Joes where we bought orange chicken, everything but bagel seasoning and some peanut butter cups since we needed a reward for having to go to Sams next. Sams was the craziest store of them all so far, but we were able to buy a few more things before coming home.
  • At home, I worked for a while putting everything up. Then I somehow managed to make it to the couch before falling sound asleep. There has been basketball playing in the living room all afternoon long which has attracted the kids to stop and watch for a bit.
  • Anderson and Graham did play some of their own basketball outside today. Of course this also included airing up a basketball until it poppped-thankfully this was on purpose and they picked an old basketball. I don't understand boys sometime, but at least they were doing something together and outside.
  • Robby is trying to figure out where we may go during Spring break-he is looking for some place warm while Keaton has been in the ktichen making chocolate covered strawberries and chocolate dipped pretzels. 
  • Next up around here is some tv watching, and I am sure some snacking!

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