March 2, 2023

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  • This morning was kind of a low key morning around the house. Though it was a noisy morning. Graham was studying for a test and did so by reading everything outloud. When he left the room, Anderson started doing the same thing at his desk. I am not sure what he was reading outloud.
  • And of course in the mornings, the kitchen is always noisy-usually it is just the microwave beeping in the mornings, but this morning there seemed to be a lot of people getting ice as well. It was like we are in the middle of the summer. 
  • Reagan and Graham did go to school-they both had test. Now Graham doesn't know how he did though I know he did fine since he had all of the answers. Reagan had her mid term and only made a 99.16. She was happy to let us know that hers was the highest grade in the class-I'm not sure where she gets it! (Don't tell her, but she is me!)
  • There was no homemade pizza dough made today, but all of the girls made garlic bread. Cambpell asked that if we could have a cookng day someday-I reminded her that every day is cooking day at our house-someone is always making something.
  • I went to the pregnancy center with Cambpell and Keaton today. There was plenty for us to do, and we were able to make it home before the rain began.
  • We were also hurrying home for a party at Defy. It was members only jump night and surprisingly the crowd wasn't too bad. Anderson stayed home, and Reagan went in his place.
  • We stayed for about an hour and a half and left when they started to pass out pizza. On the way home, we stopped for Sonic drinks-we were certainly living it up. 
  • Once at home, people finished their eating. I even had cinnamom sticks from Sonic to eat. Currently, me and five of the kids are sitting in the living room watching an overtime basketball game while they are finishing their Sonic drinks.

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