March 20, 2023-Spring Break in D.C.

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We slept well last night and woke up in plenty of time for us to leave around 10:30. We wanted to give ourselves plenty of time to figure out parking. Robby had a back up plan just in case we weren't able to find anything.

Thankfully, we were able to find perfect parking this morning for 2 hours. Since we found parking so well, we were able to hike the mile to the White House to see it. We walked around and marveled at how close you used to be able to get to the White House and now how far away they keep you.

Our next stop was the White House Visitor's Center. We could have stayed there longer, but we didn't have too much time. However, it was a great bathroom spot for us.

We then hussled the mile back to the Holocaust Museum. We had timed tickets, but oh my goodness. When we got off the elevator in the musem, there was no where to walk. It was wall to wall people. It made us a little bit claustrophobic. I am not sure why they have timed tickets at all. 

The museum was still a must see. We could have stayed a little bit longer if we were able to see things better and not fight the crowds. By the time that we made it to the end of the museum, Robby's parking was up so he headed out to get the car while we finished a few more things.

The last exhibit we went into just on a whim, but it was the best one. It was the story of one boy who lived through the Holocaust. It had his little diary and was very child friendly. It was actually my favorite-part of that was because there were not many crowds in there too. I think that Whitman and Keaton probably enjoyed this the most because it was all on their level. Maybe that is why I enjoyed it so much as well.

We then walked down the street a little bit and met up with Robby. He drove us to Ben's Chili Bowl where we had a great lunch. We ended up in a backroom since there were quite a few of us. There was a group of young men there with the son of the owner. He told that group all about the restaurant so of course we easvesdropped and listened too.

The man then came and chatted with us. He even played a video for us about the restaurant. It was very neat. We had a table full of goodies to eat-quite a few cheeseburgers were ordered, Reagan had chicken strips while the other girls had chicken sandwiches. Robby had a chili burger and I had a chili dog. Plus we ordered some extra fries and an order of chili fries. Oh, yes there was a few shakes (chocolate, vanilla, and oreo).

We then went back to the Air and Space Museum and waited in a line with a thousand of our closest friends. Thankfully, the line went quick, and we were soon inside. They are doing construction on over half of the museum so we just hit the highlights.

Whitman is our museum guy. I asked him if he could stay at a museum all day long, and he told me that he could stay at interactive museums all day long. He wants to see everything and do everything that you can touch. Not everyone else around here likes museums that much!

It was almost 5 when we left, so we had to fight the traffic to get back to our campground. When we did though, we didn't stay in the camper long because we were soon headed to the front to play 18 holes of putt putt.

The big winner was Anderson followed by Campbell today. Reagan stayed back with Bentley, but then they joined us at the very end. We then walked/biked back to the camper. Robby gathered the laundry and went to do it and some work while I started on supper.

I made air fryer pizza after air fryer pizza for everyone to eat. Reagan and I had leftover pasta. While eating, Keaton turned on the SuperNanny, and I thought about writing down some pointers. 

Currently, Robby is still with the clothes and Anderson is taking his shower in the bathhouses. I am about to work on finishing my book but possibly I might curl up in the bed for a little bit. 

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