March 13, 2023

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  • I follow a person that wears black every Monday to mourn that it is a Monday. I've thought about that, but usually our Mondays are not that bad. Today was a pretty great day in fact. I really enjoy a schedule, and it is always good to get back to one each Monday.
  • Of course I could probably wake up a little bit earlier to start our Monday schedule a little bit earlier. After waking everyone up, Keaton was the first one to get up. I had to go back upstairs to wake up Cambpell and Whitman. And I believe that I even had to go up there one more time to wake up Graham. 
  • We did our morning reading and then I started to work with everyone else. Anderson is taking his accuplacer math test on Wednesday so we are working hard on that. Actually, this time we are just really going in to see what his score is going to be. I'm not going to stress too much about what he makes this time since we have some time to work on it. (But I'm still hoping that this test is a success.)
  • Whitman knocked out quite a bit of his school work today. Sometimes he is pretty focused and other times not so much. I can, however, see that his focus has improved this past year-or maybe my patience has improved!
  • I walked Bentley at lunch time before coming back in to spell with Whitman and read with Campbell, Keaton and Whitman. While I was out with Bentley though, Cambpell and Keaton made chocolate chip scones. Scones and bagels are my favorite breakfast food-along with eggs benedict!
  • I worked in the camper some getting things ready. Then we eventually headed to Defy for a little bit of jumping. When we came home, Reagan, who had just gotten back from work, had turned on the oven for us. 
  • While supper was baking, I walked on the treadmill. When supper was over, some of the kids had showers while I cuddled up on the couch to read and watch some tv.

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