March 17, 2023-Spring Break in D.C.

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Even though this was the start of a trip, our morning and afternoon was pretty much the same as a usual Friday. Robby and I were the first ones awake. I went to town on the laundry and dishes before starting on getting school ready for the week after Spring Break.

I did make a lot of trips back and forth to the camper this morning and early afternoon. I was certainly glad that the rain had stopped from last night. Robby checked, and the rain did come gushing through his shed. It often does this, but this time it did get to the other side of the shed where water usually doesn't get to. Thankfully though everything is up high so it isn't a big problem.

I worked with Whitman and read to him, Campbell and Keaton. Keaton gave Bentley a bath after I had taken her on a walk. I did try to walk on the treadmill for a little bit-only was able to do a mile and a half before it was time to leave to take the kids to Defy for a little bit of jumping before we left.

It was super crowded at Defy today with field trips, but thankfully they left after a little bit so the kids were able to have the place more to themselves. Some days they really do have it all to themselves with hardly 2 or 3 other people there. Today was a bit more crowded, but the boys like a crowd so they can play basketball.

When we came home, there were showers for most people including me. I made supper to take with us and loaded the last few things. We had planned on leaving at 4, but we weren't in a huge hurry so we scooted on out at 4:30.

The traffic getting out of Little Rock was pretty thick, but after that we didn't really slow down at all except maybe a bit in Memphis. We just drove to Jackson, Tennessee tonight to sleep. We filled up with gas and then had supper. 

For supper, I had made a tiktok recipe that Robby had seen. Basically it was just pasta, red sauce and a container of whipped cream cheese. It made the sauce delicious. Now, I was able to keep in warm in a carrying case, plus we did heat it up some in the microwave, but since we didn't eat it right away, the pasta kind of soaked up the sauce.

The meal was still a winner plus when we added the bread that we buy just for trips, everyone was pleased. After eating, we did run into Walmart for a few minutes. We grabbed some more cookies-it seemed that almost a whole cookie pacakage was eaten on the drive here so I wanted to replenish some and have some extras.

While we were in the store, we also decided to buy a few more things so the kids could try out another tiktok recipe. The thing that we have seen is using a fruit roll up and filling it with ice cream. Reagan made one for her, Whitman and Graham who were the only ones willing to try it. The rest of us just opted for ice cream as our evening snack.

Now, beds are made and people are getting ready to quiten down for the night. 

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