March 8, 2023

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  • It was such a perfect rainy day this morning that I sure didn't want to get up. I sure do enjoy laying in the bed on rainy days, but since school does come first I had to wake up the crew.
  • Anderson and Whitman were the ones that were already kind of awake. It is always nice when there are a few folks that I don't have to work incredibly hard to wake up. The girls are tough to wake up every day.
  • We did all of our work together, and then they started on their other work. Graham didn't feel the greatest this morning-I think he was just a bit sunburned and exhausted from yesterday. I am not sure how that made his stomach and head hurt. I had him take a nap, and then some meds, and he seemed better.
  • I couldn't get any Defy takers this afternoon, so I just stayed busy around here. It is nice to be around here in the afternoons and not at Defy some. I was able to get a lot done-and would have been able to get more done if I hadn't had a power nap.
  • I took Graham to church early for his Dgroup. Then it was on to the library for me, and I even stopped at Sonic so Keaton could spend one of her gift cards. 
  • At church tonight, Graham won a picture of a tiger. Yep, it is what you might find at the Goodwill or a garage sale. Currently, it is hanging in the boys' room, but it will eventually find itself back at the Goodwill!
  • Once at home, people all had supper and some had their second supper. They had burgers at church for the big kids tonight. It was nearly 9 by the time that everyone ate and the kitchen was clean. 
  • We have been having some super late nights around here, so maybe tonight will be an early night-probably not!

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