March 31, 2023-Happy 10th Birthday (Party) Whitman!

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  • I do believe that this will be a birthday party that we will remember. The day was a bit crazy, but thankfully it wasn't life altering for us.
  • There were chores this morning and some school. A few weeks ago we had waited in vain at Blaze Pizza to eat pizzas for 3 dollars and 14 censt. We weren't able to eat pizza that night, but we were given coupons to come back at another time. Well, like us we waited until the last minute (or day, really) to redeem those coupons.
  • So for lunch, Robby, Graham, Campbell, Keaton, Whitman, and I went to eat our pizzas. That was fun, but we were reminded that we really don't have to go back to Blaze. They were good, but not outstanding. Though I do still have some of mine to eat tomorrow-really, all of us had leftovers. 
  • After eating, we ran to Kroger to pick up some groceries. While Robby was picking up the groceries, I ran in with the girls to pick up a few more things that didn't make our list.
  • Then it was on to Walmart to grab a few more items. While we were there, we saw one lady listening to the weather while walking down the aisles. We laughed and thought that was kind of different.
  • However, a little bit later I was sitting on front of the tv watching the weather after hearing the  tornado sirens start. For some reason, my big boys were outside playing basketball despite the sirens and the rain. Campbell and Keaton also joined them outside for a little bit as well.
  • Once I saw our street and a nearby church on the weather map, I did start to gather the kids and asked them to stay downstairs for a bit. The weather was super calm, and when I did look out the back window we saw some strange looking cloud. Now, there were trees in our way so who knows what we saw.
  • Keaton, Whitman, and Bentley did end up in Robby's office. The big boys, Cambpell and I stood near Robby's office until we decided that the tv weather had moved on from our area. Unfortunately, the weather become worse and damaged quite a bit of Little Rock. 
  • By this time, it was time for me to start working on the food for Whitman's family party tonight. Campbell and Keaton helped ice the cupcakes. Whitman added a few sprinkles. Then I put Whitman to work making cheese dip while Cambpell and Keaton helped me do pretty much everything else.
  • Soon Jason arrived along with Nonna, Pops, Grannymom, and Grandpa. We all had tacos for supper, and after lots of visiting we finally let Whitman open his presents.
  • He was thrilled to open his presents-pajamas, 3 crunch lab boxes, 2 games, candy and even some cash. He was super happy with his gifts, and we even started to play one of his games as soon as we opened it.
  • Soon we went ahead and sang Happy Birthday and ate Whitman's cupcakes. I think that he had a pretty good evening. He already has big plans to play his new games tomorrow. 

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