March 30, 2023

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  • I went back to sleep this morning after Bentley had woken us both up by barking. I really should have gotten up though because for the rest of the time that I was sleeping, I had crazy dreams about Robby driving us around in the camper. He was running into everything possible. I woke up with my fist clenched and gritting my teeth.
  • Thankfully, my morning did get much better. Everyone seemed to wake up in a fairly good mood. This is also Thursday which is my favorite day. 
  • We started our school work, and as soon as people were finished with school I started pulling out everyone's school for next week. It took a good bit for me to remember that I won't be here for most of it, so I had to redo a good bit becuase school when I am gone has to be able to be done independently and checked
  • Reagan and Graham had their class today. Reagan only has one class on Thursday so she made it home what seemed a little bit after Robby and Graham made it home. They had run to grab a bit to eat and some groceries.
  • Cambpell and Keaton had me take them to Defy this afternoon. While they were there, I had myself a good nap. Also while we were there, Anderson headed to Raymar and put in 4 hours of work this evening.
  • I quickled cooked 5 pounds of taco meat tonight right before we all headed to the first soccer practice. Keaton practiced first with Robby and Whitman also practiced at that time on another field. Campbell's practice was next. I don't think anyone was too impressed with their team. That's okay though.
  • I did ask Whitman how his practice went. He said that he didn't think he was going to get along with his coach. (Now, I walked around the fields tonight, but I also made sure that I observed a good bit of Whit's practice. He seemed to be doing the right thing respectfully.) I ased him why he thought he wouldn't get along with the coach. He told me becuase the coach made the team do push-ups. 
  • I saw this happen-and my boy was just laying on the ground not doing his push ups. I told him that Anderson and Graham were going to help him learn how to do some push ups!

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