March 23, 2023-Spring Break in D.C.

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The saddest day of a trip-the day you get home! I wok eup about 10 minutes before Roby's alarm went off this morning. I had to go to the bathroom, but sine we were sleeping in the Walmart, the slides were in. For me to go to the bathroom, I have to crawl over Bentely and Robby so it isn't the easiest and I certainly wake him up. 

When we had gone to bed last night, Robby said that he wasn't too sure if he was going to wake up early or sleep a bit longer. Well, for those 10 minutes before his alarm went off I was busy praying that he decided to get on up. I wanted to let him sleep as long as he could, but I wasn't going to be able to make it much longer. Thankfully, he did get up when his alarm went off, and I tumbled over him and the dog and was able to go to the bathroom.

We were on the road in about 10 minutes from when we climbed out of bed this morning. We then drove for at least 3 or so hours before stopping for gas and to let Bentley potty. The next stop was Buccees. It was a little bit less crowded today, but still it was pretty wild.

Robby got some boudan kolaches for tomorrow's breakfast while Anderson got cashews, Reagan an iced coffee and everyone else chose icees. As pulled out of Buccees, I worked on heating up leftover pizza, making sandwiches and heating a hot pocket for everyone's lunches.

The rset of the day was filled with drivng and more driving. We were zooming nicely along until we made it almost to Memphis and slowed down for over an hour. I did take that time to make chicken sandwiches for 4 folks in the air fryer and then heat up some leftovers fries in there. For the others I made sandwiches. By the time that I had clenaed up this mess, the road had cleared up, and we were able to concentrate on the Hogs game.

We know have about 90 minutes left to drive, and by the sound of the game so far, it doesn't look good for the Hogs. 

It is currently still on and we are currently 90 minutes from home. 

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