March 5, 2023

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  • Robby and I again stayed up super late last night watching tv. This, of course, meant that it was late when the kids went to bed. Now, I did say super late, but it wasn't even midnight yet. I even gave them a few minutes on their devices before having to turn them off.
  • Around midnight, we could still hear the girls going strong above our heads. It sounded like they were doing cartwheels. After a few text, they eventually did quieten down. Now, by me saying that they quietened down, all I really know is that they were no longer loud enough that we could hear them.
  • Even with them staying up last night, everyone was fairly easy to wake up this morning. Graham, Keaton and Whitman were down and dressed before I even went upstairs to do my second wake up round. 
  • I had worship care today in the babies, and Campbell was asked to do it in the 3 year old room. Of course, she loved this. She asks all of the time if she can do worship care-I think that she would miss church constantly to do it, though her mother won't let her.
  • During Sunday school, Whitman was able to do the lights. Keaton and he are able to help with tech every once in a while so he was excited about being able to do this today. After Sunday school, we found all of the people and then headed to Nonna's house for Sunday lunch.
  • She had made multiple recipes of delicious meatballs. I still don't think that we ate half of her spaghetti, meatballs and sauce. She was ready to feed an army. It was all good, and everyone left full.
  • The kids played Guess Who after lunch. They didn't play it the normal way-today's version had the questions all being assumptions. (Did you guy play professional football? Does your lady work at a bank?) It was odd but interesting.
  • When we came home, I read for a tiny but before I fell sound asleep on the couch. Soon the kids headed out for Rock Creek, and Keaton went to work on making garlic cheese bread for tonight's supper.
  • This was our Sunday super night-I took a chance and tried out a new recipe: baked ziti. I didn't follow the instructions perfectly, but at least I did get all of the ingredients in the pan. It was still very good though-Robby said that the recipe was a keeper, and I didn't see any of the kids making any faces!
  • After visiting for a while with the Wilsons, we cleaned up the kitchen when they left and then settled in to watch a bit of tv before bed.

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