March 16, 2023

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  • Until just right now I had forgotten that today was Thursday. It has been a good day, but I think I need to figure out what to do so I can get a little more Thursday-ness into this day.
  • Our work together time has moved from 8:30 until more like 8:50. That is fine since our pile of books that we read each morning is a little bit less. I try each day to finish before 9:30, and this morning I stopped reading at 8:27. And Whitman begged me to keep reading-so I of course I did.
  • Campbell, Keaton and Whitamn finished their school work for the week. I took Graham to school today and ran an errand and then waited on his class to be finished. While I was gone, Campbell did have to help Whitman with his math.
  • Once at home, Whitman and I did some spelling and then I worked with everyone else. I had a few more minutes at home before it was time for me to leave again. This time with Anderson. I took him to Raymar so he could do a little bit of work, and since I was having to go to Benton for the pregnancy center, we just took the same car. 
  • It was crazy storming as we drove home. Everyone else was already in the living room gathered around the tv to watch the Hogs basketball when we came in. Of course we joined them. 
  • Reagan wasn't home for long though becuase she left for her Dgroup. They have been meeting over a year and finished the complete book-I couldn't be more impressed with their dedication. Her leader is a young lady finishing med school who is probably quite busy, but she has faithfully had these girls over each week.
  • Supper tonight was chicken sandwiches for the girls and hamburgers for the girls. We did open up our new air fryer. We bought it months ago, but have just now gotten to opening it up and using it. Thankfully, it is just as easy to use as the one that has the broken handle that we continue to use.
  • Robby and I worked on loading up the camper this evening. I think that most things are ready to go, and we only have a few things left to put in the camper. 

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