May 9, 2024

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  • I know we really haven't started summer yet, so I shouldn't be concerned about how quickly the days are going by. But gracious, this is our 4th full day of vacation, and I really haven't done anything productive at all.
  • I guess that is what summer vacation is all about though. I did hope that I would do a few more fun things with the kids, and this is just the 4th day, but by the time they wake up, I have already put in a full days work around here. Maybe I should stay up until 2, and we could all be on the same schedule.
  • I knew that it was going to be a warm day so I took Bentley on her walk early this morning. Then after a little bit of time I went on my second walk with out here. I think that she might have wanted to go again, but not today.
  • I did some of my reading again this afternoon, and then I worked on Keaton's school work. Robby laughed when he asked what I was doing-I am just a few months ahead of schedule on that, but my tomorrow's list is full of things that I have super procrastinated about. 
  • Robby, Campbell, and I went out to eat late this afternoon. We brought enough leftovers home for the big boy's supper tonight after Raymar. Reagan was already at work, and Anderson had to go to Raymar early to paint the fields so we had to take everyone else to Raymar to ref. 
  • We decided to take Bentley as well, so we stayed and walked around and watched some of the games while we were there. Everyone is just now getting in and finding themselves supper or second supper.

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