May 20, 2024

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  • I was out a little bit late last night at a friend's house. We had a game night and did a lot of chatting. When I came home, I sat down and talked to Robby and then completely forgot about the blog so I am catching up this morning.
  • Yesterday was another fairly busy yet slow day. The morning was pretty slow though we did decide to postpone our Branson trip because it looks like it may rain up there. We are taking a chance by moving it, but hopefully next week the weather will be better.
  • No one is really jumping up these summer mornings. Reagan was the first one that I saw in the morning, and she was up because she was getting ready for work. Anderson was not too far behind her since he is working diligently on another 3d printed helmet. I think that he is enjoying this hobby.
  • Robby had a doctor's appointment in the morning and then ran an errand or two on his way home. Reagan and Graham went to work, and later in the afternoon I took Campbell to a friend's house for the evening. Then in the evening, Anderson had to go to Raymar to move benches and finish a few things.
  • Robby made everyone supper, and their evening was pretty quiet. I didn't roll in until almost midnight so this morning I am playing catchup!

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