May 30, 2024-Branson in May!

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Robby and I just tried to briefly count how many flat tires we have had to change on this camper and tow dolly: we guess about 5 flats on the tow dolly and at least many on the camper. We so love camping, but that just has drained us which is why days like today are so wonderful.

Today was why we cheerfully change those flat tires and do it all again. The weather was great, Silver Dollar City was great, the kids were great, it was just all a very good day.

We knew that we wanted to be at the park at 8:30 since it opened early for passholders, so by 7:50 we were leaving the camper. Everyone woke up easily, but it probably helped that Robby was heating up waffles, rolling breakfast tortillas, and opening pop tarts so everyone could have their choice breakfast.

We haven't been to Silver Dollar City in a year so being back today was fun. We were near the front of the line to get in the park, and then were probably on the first ride today on the new Fire in the Hole. Surprisingly, it was pretty much just like the old Fire in the Hole. Sorry Silver Dollar City but I was underwhelmed. 

After Fire in the Hole, we all rode Time Traveler. It is not my favorite ride at all, but I did it for the family. I just keep my eyes closed and plaster a smile on my face which helps. However, the old momma in front of us who get on the ride with her daughter after being told that it did not go upside down kept me entertained on today's ride. The lady just kept saying. "we're okay, we're okay." We were all indeed okay.

Next up the kids rode Outlaw Run and Powder Keg. Robby even went with them when they rode Wildfire. Anderson does not like Wildfire since his head hits the restraints, so he sat that one out with me. Between those big coasters we did all sit down and have some cinnamon bread-Robby bought 4 loaves, and we finished all but one of them. 

By this time, it was just about 10 or maybe a little bit later. The kids had walked right on to every thing that they wanted to do. Graham, Campbell, and Whitman decided to do the raft ride. After that ride, we usually leave the park and head home for dry clothes because who wants to walk around in wet undies.

We came back to the campground, and really we spent all afternoon outside. Some of the kids made lunches, but most everyone just snacked. The girls all laid out on blankets, and they are all a little bit pink. Whitman, Campbell, and Keaton all spent time in the hammock. The kids have played volleyball and basketball as well. And while they were all doing their things, I read my book and had a nap outside. Meanwhile, Robby took the nice weather as a chance to go through all of his outside bins.

Around 4:30, we headed back to the City. We had no real agenda except the Barn Swings. First the kids rode Thunderation, and then we all rode the Flooded Mine. Campbell and Keaton had one ride on the Electro Spin. Then it was the to Barn Swings for everyone but Anderson. He joined Robby and me for a walk in a furniture store where he regretted his decision to come with us. Robby and Reagan even bought shirts before we left the park. On the way out, we also bought a really big chocolate chip cookie at the bakery (Robby heated it up on the blackstone before we ate it, and it wasn't really that good-Costco currently has the Dennie's favorite chocolate chip cookie.)

Back at the camper, Robby made quesadillas. We added some sauce to them, and Anderson said they were the best yet. Then we made some of our naan bread with cinnamon and sugar. It was all delicious, and we definitely needed our walk with Bentley tonight. 

The rain is coming soon-it looks like it is going to rain a little bit tonight and then a whole lot tomorrow. Maybe we will have time for Silver Dollar City first or maybe not. We don't really know what the day will hold. While we were on our walk tonight, the boys got all of the beds ready and now all of us but Campbell and Keaton are in their beds. Those two girls are outside chatting with their friends on the phone. 

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