May 2, 2024

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  • Last day of school around here-and I had such big plans for reading most of my book! I didn't do that nor did I even take Bentley on a walk. I did try to go on a walk, but after standing outside brushing her, it started to rain.
  • The kids did convince me to start school a bit later today-which was a good thing since I neglected to set my alarm last night. I didn't even plug my phone up and found it between Robby and I when I went to the bathroom in the middle of the night. 
  • School went well, but I did spent a good bit of the day putting up everyone's books from this year-and tomorrow I plan on getting their summer school back out. 
  • Anderson spent most of the day waiting on his package-he bought himself a 3D printer. This afternoon he put it together, but tonight he is finally able to print something. Now, he just needs to find something that he can print and sell! Or print and give to me.
  • Reagan also got herself a package today-we bought her a pretty nice little camera for her graduation gift so she opened it up this evening. So right now they are both playing with their new toys.
  • We again had soccer tonight-I was going to have Whitman and Bentley go with us, but after seeing that it was going to be rainy, I decided that they could just stay home with Reagan. It rained a good bit of the games-Graham reffed two of those games while Keaton, Campbell, and Anderson only reffed one.
  • Robby and I stayed dry in the concession stand during the rain-I even had myself some hot chocolate. This was our third night of soccer this week, and we have it the next 2 out of 3 games as well, but soccer is coming to a close fairly quickly.
  • Campbell is making a dessert, and soon we are planning to watch a show while I try to read a few more chapters of my book tonight. 

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