May 5, 2024: Reagan's Graduation Celebration-Day 2

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  • We left for church at the same time as usual this morning, but today Reagan took her graduation gown with her. We never really got a picture of just Reagan wearing it-hmm, maybe that will be tomorrow's project. Thankfully, though Reagan took well over 100 pictures over the last two days, so things are well documented. (Next year, our graduate probably won't be snapping so many photos.)
  • The graduates all walked across the stage during worship this morning. It was a fun morning to see all of them in their graduation gowns. When Sunday school was over, we waited around for Reagan for a while. Keaton later found her and her friends taking more pictures. 
  • We weren't in a huge hurry, since the rain had already cancelled the afternoon soccer games that the boys were going to. Anderson would have had to work while Graham and Robby were going to do the concession stand. 
  • Robby went ahead and left Sunday school a bit early to pick up lunch for all of us, so as we waited on Reagan and waited on the rain to lessen, Anderson eventually decided to go to the car. I told him that he could come pick us up, but I would text him. However, when Reagan did show up, the line to pick up people, even though there weren't many people left in the church house, was pretty long, so we just ran.
  • Robby had lunch at home-chinese and pizza-which made everyone happy. I had enough time to take a short nap before we left with the girls for Camryn's graduation party. Amber had done it all super nice so we had a good little snack there. We stayed for a bit but had to leave to get Keaton home so she could catch a ride with the big boys.
  • They met Campbell and Reagan, who stayed with Camryn and Laynie, at a nearby church that is joining them for camp. They were there for 2 hours and spent some time planning things for their camp in June.
  • We came home from our party, and I had myself another longer nap before it was time to leave again for church. Tonight, the 5th graders received their Bibles. There was a super big group of kids, and I think that Whitman was pretty excited about his Bible. 
  • We came home afterwards, and soon the Wilsons came over to visit a little bit. We have cancelled Sunday night supper on them for quite a few weeks in the row, so we had a lot to catch up on. Campbell made us brownies to enjoy. 
  • When they did leave, it was time for us to start picking this place up and getting everything ready for this next week.

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