May 29, 2024-Branson in May!

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Last week we had planned on going to Branson, but the rain made us second guess our trip and postpone it a week. For tomorrow at least, we made a good call, but the weather may be a different story on Friday.

The kids were up fairly early this morning. I think mostly because they were a bit excited about the trip, but also because most of them had things to do today. 

Anderson and I were the first to leave the house-we both got hair cuts and then ran a few errands. The girls were the next to leave because they had a swim party for church. Then Whitman, Robby, and I left. Whitman had a birthday party for one of his friends, but we stopped at Tropical Smoothie first to get a free smoothie.

The girls came home and quickly showered, and within what seemed like minutes we were in the camper headed to pick up Whitman. He had to leave his birthday party a little bit early, but he didn't mind. He was excited that he had gotten to bowl and play laser tag.

We were almost to Conway when I started passing out supper. We had Alfredo tortellini-I think that the recipe was a hit, but it was also super rich. We also had rolls which we only have on trips so that of course makes everyone happy.

And of course, what is a Dennie camper trip without tire problems. We were near Harrison when Graham just mentioned that we had only one hour left. Seconds afterwards, the tire warning thing started screeching. I'm super glad Robby had that, but also it is what my nightmares consist of.

It was the trailer tire which is a rather good thing-especially since Robby happened to be carrying not one but TWO spare trailer tires. Robby aired the tire up when we stopped, and it seemed to be holding air so we pressed on....

But only for a few miles before the pressure started going down again. We then stopped and changed the tire-I don't think that anyone started a timer, but even with having to unhook and take the tire off the trailer and then put it back on, it didn't take us too long at all.

Except as we were driving off, the tire pressure was still low-Robby had forgotten to air up the spare when he put it back on. So we drove another few miles, and he did that mainly for peace of mind. Now, the original tire-we could never find anything wrong with it so who knows. Robby will inspect it some more in the daylight tomorrow.

Those three little stops only set us back less than an hour. We rolled into the campground around 10:30. Of course setting things up takes a while., The kids explored some-Reagan thought she had never been here, but eventually remembered some of it. We walked Bentley and now it is almost midnight and people are starting to go to bed. Tomorrow will be an early morning. 

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