May 1, 2024

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  • The kids have been finishing school pretty early, so I am trying to figure out exactly what all I am going to do this summer. Usually my mornings are full of school leaving me just the afternoons to do my things.
  • The last few days, they have been finishing earlier so I am getting a taste of my summer freedom that is coming up. And what I have learned is: I am going to need a hobby or I am going to need to start cleaning my house. I'm really holding out for a hobby to come along!
  • I walked Bentley right at noon today-and bless her soul. Neighbor dogs were barking at her, the tree men were sawing away, and the tornado siren was going off all at the same time. I thought she was going to refuse to walk anymore. I was able to talk her through it, and she eventually rejoined me on our walk.
  • I did go for my second mile without her later in the afternoon-it is just easier that way for sure. I actually started a new audio book today, but gracious my mind may be somewhere else or something, but I sure can't understand what is happening in the story. I will give it tomorrow, but then I'll move on to another one.
  • They few the Wednesday night workers at church tonight so my normal car load went earlier. Anderson didn't eat since he knew he would eat later at ChickFilA. Then after church Reagan had a meeting about her senior camping trip.
  • The seniors go on a camping trip, and they are responsible for planning and doing everything. That will be a hoot! I will help if I'm asked for sure-because we can't let them starve!

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