May 6, 2024

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  • Today was the first official day of summer vacation-there were few complaints about the summer school and few complaints about the new chore list. Again, this is just the first day so I do expect the complaints to come.
  • Most everyone can't really complain at all-actually, they should all be in a great mood since they were probably able to catch up on a lot of sleep. Anderson was up around 9, but I didn't see anyone else for hours.
  • Anderson just completed 3d printing 1/3 of a Star Wars helmet. This section took over 24 hours, and now he has begun the printing of the back of it. Once it is all printed, he will have to assemble, sand, fill, prime, and paint it. It is quite the project, but we have all enjoyed watching the thing print.
  • Reagan and Graham had work today. They are probably getting close to winding down for the summer. Graham is ready for a break-but he does like to spend his money, so he really doesn't need a break.
  • This afternoon Bentley did have a vet appointment. She had two shots and didn't seem to mind at all. Now, she probably didn't seem to mind because I had a pocket full of hot dog pieces that she was munching on. When she first started her ear infections, she did almost bite the vet, but today she let him look in her ears with his otoscope so that was amazing-we have come a long way.
  • Robby and I ran a few errands this evening-we had to pick up some milk at the grocery store and left buying a whole cart full of things. They were all needed, but gracious we can spend some money.
  • Now we are back home, and I am on the couch about to read some of my book in this super quiet living room.

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