May 17, 2024

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  • I stayed in bed right until the last minute-I didn't have anything to do or anywhere to go, but I do have a self imposed time to get out of the bed during our no school days. I started on the dishes, but then started to wonder where Robby was, so I found him in the garage.
  • He had started working on folding up the tent and all the things that Reagan used camping. It rained a good bit on them, or at least the tent came home super wet. It eventually dried out after a few days set up in the yard. We had to move it in the garage last night just in case it did rain. Finally, though everything is put up, and we can park in the driveway and garage again.
  • I then went back to my morning things, but I did them quickly so I could take Bentley on a walk since it was already hot when we were working on the tent. However, by the time I made it on our walk, the clouds were out, and it was pretty nice outside.
  • I did some reading and really wasn't too productive at all. I did work with Whitman right before we took Graham to work. Then we went out to eat with Campbell and Keaton. And finally, we ran a few errands on the other side of the world-late lunch in Benton and errands in West Little Rock. I did get the names on Reagan and Whitman's new Bibles. 
  • We were then home for a little bit, and then we headed out to a friend's graduation party. We had a few snacks there, and picked up sandwiches for the boys on them home. Now we are once again around the tv watching the Hogs play baseball. 

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