May 13, 2024

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  • Graham and Anderson went to play basketball pretty early this morning. Robby took Graham to meet up with Anderson who is house sitting. They rode together to the gym while Robby just stayed on that side of town and worked.
  • That left me home alone all morning long-I say I was "alone" even though there were 3 kids sleeping upstairs. I never really heard from them until nearly 11. By that time I had accomplished quite a bit of my list and was doing some reading.
  • Robby dropped Graham off at work on the way home from basketball, and Anderson came home for a few hours this afternoon. I worked with Whitman on his school work for the day and tried to get a few more thing accomplished around here. 
  • Robby made pancakes for supper this evening along with egg in the hole. Breakfast is always a hit with most Dennies-Reagan is the one who really doesn't like breakfast, but I do think that the rest of us enjoy it.
  • We were able to track Reagan today-it did look like they floated the Buffalo. I did see a picture of them-they looked dry so maybe they stayed in their canoes-and really, I am super thankful that her phone stayed dry!

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