May 28, 2024

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  • Today was a big day for Whitman-for his birthday from Nonna and Pops they took him to Dave and Busters. He really enjoys going there and was awake before his alarm clock this morning. He came downstairs and grabbed breakfast before we quickly worked on spelling before they arrived to take him for his day of play.
  • I did hear that he bought a prize with his tickets today, and I even heard what it was. However, I have not been upstairs to see it so I obviously have no clue what it was-I have completely forgotten even after him telling me about it. 
  • Not only did he enjoy Dave and Busters, he also snagged himself a hamburger for lunch. This was actually National Hamburger Day so that was perfect timing.
  • Over here, we didn't have any hamburgers today-we actually revolted against the holiday and had frozen pizza for supper. Frozen pizza is Keaton's favorite type of pizza so she was thrilled with this meal.
  • I took Anderson, Keaton, and Campbell to two Goodwills today and a Hobby Lobby buying a few things for camp. Graham didn't want to come, but we still found him a shirt at each stop. I think that most people are pretty prepared for camp now.
  • Keaton actually spent most of the afternoon painting the word "Blue" on a blue sheet. It is massive and she has only finished two of the letters. Hopefully, she will finish what she can tomorrow, but she will run out of paint probably tomorrow so that will have to be finished next week.
  • Tonight after we ate supper, Campbell, Keaton, Robby and I ran to Sams and then Walmart. We bought a few things for this weekend plus found a few extras that were on our list. When we came home, Anderson and Graham had been playing basketball and then Anderson lifted weights while Graham went on a 2 mile run. They come in this house sweaty messes.

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