May 19, 2024

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  • I believe that Anderson was the last one out of the bed this morning. Whenever we did call upstairs to see if he was awake, he did confirm that he was indeed awake. However, I don't think that he was actually out of the bed until about 10 minutes before we left the house.
  • This was another day with us all going a zillion different ways. At least we all did start out in church-and each Sunday when we set some what near each other I will also count that as a win. I believe that we were within 6 rows of each other today.
  • After church Whitman went to Raymar where his grade had pizza and then walked around a nearby neighborhood passing out flyers for VBS. He didn't say too much about it except he did mention that it was hot.
  • The rest of us had lunch at Grannymom's house, and then Reagan and Campbell ran one errand and then went to a friend's graduation. The rest of us came home for a few minutes, but then Anderson and Graham went to a friend's house to play basketball. 
  • I then picked Whitman up from his outing, and we were home a little bit before Robby, Keaton, and I left to take Keaton to church for a meeting. While she was there, we ran a few places and then ended up sitting in the parking lot waiting on her for a little bit.
  • We all made it home in time to eat Sunday supper at the Wilson's house. Reagan left from there to go to play pickleball while the others didn't stay too long after they ate. Robby and I visited the longest and now we are trying to do our last few things before heading to bed.

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