May 26, 2024

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  • This Sunday morning we had church outside so we were able to sleep in a little bit before leaving for Raymar. Since we had the extra dog the kids are dogsitting, we put her in our bedroom and closed the doors to keep them seperate while we were gone for the morning.
  • The weather at church was pretty nice-we had our tent even though it wasn't sunny at first. However, by the end the sun was peeking out and the tent was a good thing. The Raymar wind was also a good thing since it kept us not from being miserable.
  • The kids played soccer and volleyball, and Keaton even went home with a friend. When we came home, Robby opened the garage, and immediately after Anderson said "dog." That little dog had opened our bedroom door and opened the garage door so when we pulled out he ran to our car. Gracious! Since then we have been uber careful on keeping an eye on that little Houdini.
  • Reagan played pickleball after church this morning, and after my nap I went to pick up Keaton from her friend's house. Soon all of the big 5 were off to Rock Creek for church tonight. I think that they all had fun and even stayed later.
  • We made hot dogs, chili, and cheese dip for supper with the Wilsons tonight. We visited while we ate and then visited more as we watched some tv as well. Now we are watching a few shows before Robby and I head to bed.

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