May 27, 2024

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  • It was a super relaxing Memorial Day-as in we didn't really do anything at all. The kids all slept pretty late except for Reagan. She went to Heber Springs with a few friends to go to the lake. I am not sure how prepared they were since she had to stop and buy sunscreen. Luckily, they ended up eating with people from a nearby pavilion-I believe someone from her group knew them.
  • Campbell did wake up early to take the extra dog out. He pretty much latched on to the kids today and didn't want to by anywhere but with one of them. He spent a good deal of the day by Cambpell's bed while she was napping and then hung out with Anderson in the bonus room, and I believe that all of them said that he climbed in their beds while they were sleeping.
  • I found a new book to listen to so I super enjoyed my walks this morning, plus I found a new book to read on  my phone so I did that while I waited on Robby as he did a few gas station mystery shops. 
  • The main outing of the day was finally taking the extra dog back-we will know a little better rates that we should charge-we kept him all day today and didn't drop him off until after 7, but overall, it was a super success. We are all a little worried that Bentley is going to be a bit lonely since her friend is now gone.
  • On the way home, we picked up supper for the crew. Everyone ate, and now I am parked in front of the tv working on the blog with plans to read for a little bit.

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