May 4, 2024: Reagan's Graduation Celebration-Day 1

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  • I guess that Robby was the first one out of bed this morning, but I was pretty close behind him. I heard the girls above us getting ready, and I also heard Anderson's alarm clock blaring so I had to go and jostle him to wake up. 
  • Soon, Campbell, Keaton, Robby, Anderson, and I were on our way to Raymar. Campbell and Keaton get out of the car and help Anderson set up while Robby and I stayed in the car until the last possible minute. 
  • Eventually, we did climb out of the car and start selling food in the concession stand. A few hours later, Graham, Reagan, and Whitman showed up for the day. They were able to sleep in a little bit since the games they were reffing (Reagan and Graham) were later in the day.
  • Keaton's game was actually Reagan's first game to ref. I had seen the rain coming on the radar-it was just a little blob-but it was coming. Robby had Campbell put the wagon up so it would stay wet, and I had moved everything else of ours where it would stay dry as well.
  • They were almost able to play one full half before they had to pause the game for weather. Keaton's team had scored once, but I'm not sure if that game will count or if it will be made up or not. As everyone was gathered under the pavilion, the thunder continued to sound so those games were eventually cancelled so they would be able to play the other games and not get behind.
  • The weather then became beautiful for the next game; however, during the 2:15 game the same thing happened again. They made it to halftime when the decided to just call those games since it was rainy and thundery mess this time.
  • This worked out well for us since Anderson was the only one cleaning up this afternoon-it gave us a bit of extra time at home. Reagan and Whitman were the only ones who went home early so they had a head start on showers. 
  • When everyone else made it home, we all showered and pretty much turned right around and left again. The boys drove to pick up Grandpa while the rest of us headed to church. Nonna and Pops showed up as well.
  • There was lot, and I mean lots of picture taking. I did even manage one with my high school bestie Amber which is neat because our girls are pretty tight too. Also the homeschool mommas, or at least those that started out as homeschool mommas, had our pictures together as well. 
  • The 11th grade parents helped with the dinner and served the food this evening. We did that last year, and for the next 7 years we will be serving at our attending a senior dinner. It was a really special evening-Richard and Zoie brought a charge to the kids and then Casey led everyone as we prayed over our seniors. They all received a Bible and once it was all over, there was lots more picture taking.
  • Anderson took Grandpa home while I quickly undecorated my table. Robby brought the wagon upstairs, and soon we were all home-and I am finally on the couch with my feet up and a diet coke in my hand!

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