May 11, 2024

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  • Today was the last soccer Saturday-I think that all of us have a love/hate relationship with soccer Saturdays. They are early; they are long, and they are hard. They are also a lot of fun which does make them worthwhile.
  • All of us but Graham, Reagan, and Whitman left before 7 this morning. When we arrived, the kids all got out of the car and worked, but Robby and I stayed in the car. I read until almost 8, and then I ventured out to start the concession stand things.
  • The first hour went pretty quickly with Robby and I busy passing out drinks, grabbing ChickFilA, pouring coffee, and making hot chocolate. Reagan, Graham, and Whitman then showed up just in time for Keaton's game.
  • Keaton's team had no subs at all today so they were exhausted, but they won 4-0. Keaton scored one of the goals, so that was fun to see. Since her team did win, it means that we play in the championship on Monday night-we aren't too sure that we will win on Monday, but Keaton will enjoy one last soccer game.
  • After Keaton's game Robby ran a few errands with Whitman while the others continued to ref-Anderson reffed one game today, Keaton only had 2, Campbell and Reagan had 3 while Graham had 4 games.
  • The afternoon went by fairly quickly, but it is still a bit sad when you come home and realize that it is night time. We even had a few errands on the way home to do. Reagan is house sitting this week so she is gone for the night, but is out doing a little bit of grocery shopping for her upcoming camping trip.
  • Right now, the kids are all cyling through the showers while I am trying to stay awake on the couch. I don't think that I will have much luck at all staying awake!

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