Christmas Ornament Countdown -Merry Christmas

It's is Christmas Day so instead of one ornament to look at, you get two!  (Actually, mIMG_0807y math was a little off and I still have 2 to tell you about from this year)

The first is the flag from Fort McHenry.  We first saw this flag at the Smithsonian in DC and then we saw the spot that it hung at Fort McHenry.  Robby, Reagan, Anderson and Graham braved the rainy weather to go and climb around on the fort.

(Click here for pictures from the trip)

The next ornament is from the beginning of our DC to Maine adventure.  Our very first stop and we just had a little bit of time to make it there and tour the place.  The Air and Space Museum at Dulles closed only a few hours afteIMG_0816 r our plane landed so we beat it over there and made it in plenty of time.  The kids enjoyed seeing the planes and were impressed with the space ship.  It was a great first stop to a great trip!

(Click here for pictures from the trip)

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